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health first

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Camping: +30 23750 91487
Office: +30 2310 850 463


Armenistis takes care of your everyday needs regarding safety, health, accessibility and entertainment.

Doctor's office

A fully-equipped doctor's office and Armenistis' experienced doctor are at your disposal for any emergency situation.


Armenistis offers reserved parking space for all members of the campsite, but also comfortable parking space just outside the entrance for guests.


Stay online even during your holidays and combine work with entertainment.
Amenities Armenistis

Valuables storage

Store your valuables in the lockers next to the camping reception and enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

Luggage storage

For large luggage and items, specially designed space is available.

Postal Services

Armenistis' reception takes care of your daily mail.


A fully renovated, safe playground for Armenistis' young campers.

Night guard

All Armenistis areas are protected 24 hours a day by a security company, so that you can... sleep tight!


Armenistis' facilities ensure a high-quality stay and are easily accessible from all areas of the campsite.

Sanitary facilities

Modern, clean and easily accessible, the sanitary facilities are equipped with shower units, WC and washbasins. They provide you with warm water 24 hours a day and meet the requirements of the European Union.

Washing machines

Armenistis' washing machines are at your disposal for clean and freshly washed clothes during your holidays!

Barbecue areas

Summer and barbecue are tightly tied together! Armenistis has created special safe areas for barbecue, for you who do not want to bring your own equipment with you.


Work out and entertain yourselves while using our basketball and beach volleyball courts, located in the lush nature.

Armenistis' areas are accessible to people with disabilities.