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Camping: +30 23750 91487
Office: +30 2310 850 463

Rules of Operation

For a safe and pleasant stay, please read carefully the following:

Check-in / Check-out

The pitch is exclusively designated by the reception. Please, do not forget to stick the tent or caravan sticker. The entrance card should be available at all times. The check-in and check-out of the pitch should be performed until 14:00, otherwise you are charged with an extra day. Please ask the reception for any information regarding the personal items lockers.

Quiet hours

14:30 - 17:30 & 24:00 - 08:00
The use of a car audio system is prohibited throughout the day. Keep the volume of your music low. Do not deprive other campers of the right to listen to the music of their liking.


Only persons over the age of 18 are hosted. Guests under the age of 18 are only accommodated with the simultaneous presence of parents throughout their stay.


All pets must always be tied up. Take care of their feces and do not let them enter into the sea. Pets are not allowed in rented accommodation.

Cleanness - Environment

Please help us keep our campsite clean. Lighting a fire for any reason and the use of fireworks are prohibited. Use the grill and coals with caution. Do not throw cigarette butts into the sand. Limit your use of water in favor of everyone in the campsite.


The power supply is exclusively for lighting, radio, TV and refrigerator purposes. You may not use a mini oven, hot plates, coffee makers, air conditioners, etc. - Use rubber coated power cords, for safety reasons. Interference to the electrical supplies’ fuses is strictly prohibited.


Do not use your vehicle in the campsite for your transportation, unless it is completely necessary. Drive slowly. Deactivate your car's alarm, turn off its audio system and do not honk its horn. Please park in your designated space or in the parking lot. The washing of cars is prohibited. No entry, exit and movement of vehicles within the campsite is permitted after 24:00.


The movement of vessels in the bathers area is strictly prohibited. Vessels should enter and exit the sea via the start lane. The use of jet-skis is prohibited.