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Armenistis Bungalows & Camping is a complex touristic unit for vacations, services and recreation, which operates with primary and unique goal its clients’ satisfaction.

In this context, for the most effective operation, we have implemented the above regulation, which is obligatory and accepted when entering the camping.

Arrival - Departure & Procedure

Upon arrival all guests are obliged to fill in the registration form with their data and the data of their companions, and also deliver their identity documents (identity card, passport) in order to confirm the above information. In addition they have to present their credit card for bank pre-approval. Next, they receive the entrance pass for each registered member, vehicle and camping means, and are led to their spot or accommodation. The entrance pass allows the entrance and exit in and out of the camping site.

The camping spot is allocated exclusively by the Reception and is defined and delimited with various markings (plants, poles, etc). It is forbidden to exceed these limits in any way (ropes, tents, umbrellas, etc).

Rented accommodation (mobile homes, caravans, Safari tents, Camp Tents, hostels) must be evacuated until 11:00 and delivered to the guests after 16:00.

Camper, caravan and tent spots are also evacuated until 12:00 and delivered after 14:00.

Late check-out (evacuation after the determined departure time) is possible only after approval from the Reception, depending on availability and with extra charge based on the pricelist.

The entrance pass certifies the customer’s registration in the camping’s books, and the sticker certifies the registration of the camping means. All customers are obliged to show these documents upon camping staff request.

In case that unregistered clients are found, the Camping Management reserves the right to expel the campers that host them or impose fines up to the amount of 200 €.

Campers should not be arriving and departing during quiet hours. Accommodation check-out and camping spot evacuation should take place after all financial matters are settled with the Company, until 11:45 at the latest. The camping spot change is only possible exceptionally and under the authorization of the Reception. The company reserves the right to change the camping spot if specific reasons occur.

Daily or longer stay visitors are allowed only after agreement with the reception, depending on availability and with the according pricelist charge. The same entrance procedure applies as for all customers (check-in).

Vehicles - Vessels

Vehicles may enter the campsite from 08:00 to 14:30 and from 17:30 to 23:00, but unfortunately vehicles of daily customers are not allowed to enter.

Vehicle speed in the campsite premises may not exceed the 10 km/h limit and traffic should be confined solely to departure and arrival while it is completely forbidden during night hours (23:00-08:00). Driving inside the campsite throughout the day is not allowed.

Car parking is allowed within the limits of the indicated camping spot as well as in parking designated areas accorded to each customer. Car washing is prohibited.

Trailer and boat trailer owners are informed by the Reception to park them in designated trailer parking areas.

Vessel owners are required to comply with the legislation of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs regarding the vessels traffic, according to which, vessels with or without engine are strictly forbidden to enter any swimmers’ area marked by yellow and orange -coloured buoys.

Mooring vessels or placing anchors is only allowed in the designated mooring area, according to the instructions of the Reception, in limited and numbered buoys at the specified by the Camping Authorise. All other vessels are to anchor beyond the swimmers area and solely under their owners’ responsibility.

Vessel traffic zone is defined with buoys. Departure from and approach to the shore is allowed only within the above mentioned demarcated channel at a speed not exceeding the 5 knots limit.

Jet-skis are forbidden to enter the campsite. Using a jet-ski at a distance less than 300 meters from the distinctive orange-yellow coloured floating buoys that mark the swimmers area is completely prohibited by navy laws.


Pets are allowed in the campsite, provided they keep up-to-date health certificates that ensure they are of full health and have been subjected to all statutory vaccinations. Pet owners are required to take every action necessary, in order to ensure the safety and hygiene of the other Camping customers and visitors. Indicatively, all pets must be on leash and under the supervision of their owners, pets are not allowed in the sea, owners must collect their pets’ excrements. Pets are not allowed in any rented accommodation (mobile homes, caravans, Safari Tents, Camp Tents, hostels, etc). The Camping Management reserves the right to ask pet owners whose pets disturb with their behaviour or with loud barking or who do not comply with the above terms, to remove their pets from the camping site or even to have the unpleasant task to expel the owners themselves from the camping site.

Permanent Constructions

Any additional construction or intervention on the camping site or the camping means that alters the picture of the accommodation, such as, indicatively, roof, fence, storage, barbecue etc., construction, regardless of construction materials used prohibited completely. Removing caravan wheels and supporting tents in unconventional ways is also prohibited. In case that any of the above mentioned alterations-interventions are found and the camper refuses to comply with the Camping personnel instructions, the Management reserves the right to request the customers’ checkout.


Permanent occupation of part of the beach using umbrellas, beach furniture or fences is strictly forbidden. Camping personnel reserves the right to remove from the beach all objects that infringe the Regulation.


Guests are required to follow to the letter all instructions given in case of fire. Lighting candles and insect repellent devices (e.g. tablets, “snakes”) and setting fire for any reason are strictly forbidden. Charcoal or gas barbeque are permitted, provided all necessary precautions are taken according to the Fire Department and Forest Department regulations.

Caravan and tent owners are obliged to disconnect the power supply during their absence, otherwise they are considered responsible in case of fire caused by the lack of such actions.

Quiet hours

During quiet hours, it is forbidden to cause noise of any kind (speaking loudly, reproducing music, organising festivities, using music instruments, or moving any vehicle in the campsite premises, etc). Music and noise are to be kept at respectively low levels at all times, in order not to disturb neighbouring campers.

Use of Electricity - Security

The Company uses a circuit-auto cut-off relay in all available sockets per camping spot. The power supply capacity per socket is 4 Ampere and 880 Watt. The extension cables used for power supply should be resistant and made of black rubber –cable and not of a random kind that could be hazardous. Responsibility for proper power use lies solely to the customers. Intervening to the electrical power panels is strictly prohibited. Usage of electric ovens or appliances with resistor that exceed the above watt limits and may cause damage, are also prohibited.

Electrical Device operation during absence of the guest is forbidden so as to prevent short-circuits or fire.

General regulation - Shared facilities - Hygiene

  • Existing shared faucets in the campsite are for dish washing, laundry of personal hygiene, marked with the appropriate signs.
  • Use designated areas for cleaning chemical toilets. Emptying chemical toilets in non-designated areas is prohibited.
  • The Company is liable for the lands, playgrounds and public facilities maintenance; it is not responsible for their constant supervision.
  • Garbage disposal of any kind on the beach area is strictly prohibited.
The use of shared facilities should be made with respect to the rest of the guests, keeping them clean and tidy. Each facility should be used only for the reason it is meant for. Cause of damages on the facilities will require immediate repair or composition fee equal to its value.

There are waste and recycling bins throughout the camping and beach for the guests’ use. It is forbidden to throw garbage in any other spot and especially on the beach.

Guests are uniquely responsible for the safety of their personal belongings, money, credit cards, etc. Rental accommodation provides personal safes, which are used with guests’ responsibility. The company is not responsible for loss or theft. For greater safety, you may rent protected safes located in the Reception.

The guests are obliged to follow all directives given by the Camping Administration and Reception Departments to the letter, to obey to instructions, information and road signs placed inside the campsite and to comply with the provisions of the present Regulation.

It is hereby agreed that entry and residence in the Camping Site of each camper and visitor constitutes the unconditional acceptance of all terms and rules stated.

All rules and terms of the present regulation are essential and may only be amended in writing form. A breach of any term hereof, directive or instruction, shall be regarded as reason for termination of any relationship between the parties involved and provides the Company the right to immediately expel the violator from the premises.