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Swing n Swim festival
From Monday 10 June 2019
To Sunday 23 June 2019

afisa swing 2019

From 10th to 23rd June 2019

For another summer we set up the stage and invite you to non-stop dance!

Armenistis hosts, for yet another year, the absolute dance festival of swingers, with participations from all over the world.

Swing is a genre of jazz music that because an autonomous and recognized style during the 1930s in the USA. It is an intermediate between traditional and modern jazz. It's name comes from the verb "swing", which means to move, float, precisely because the music was joyous and rythmic and because it was combined with the corresponding dance that required agility. Through the great swing orchestras, many musicians emerged who ushered the younger to innovate radically in jazz, provoking a gradual transition from the older forms to the newer. In the age of swing, the pivotal composer and pianist Duke Ellington must be mentioned, though he doesn't belong entirely to any particular style. He became well-known for his contribution to the creation of jazz adapted for large orchestra, charateristic of the swing period. A combination of swing and afro-cuban music formed Mambo.

It is worth mentioning that swing as a musical genre used both black and white musicians alike in orchestras. This was a victory over the racial discrimination of Americans of the time and their unwillingness to consider jazz anything other than a "black" genre of music.