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Ufficio: +30 2310 850 463
Friday 05 July 2019


4 make up Vanilla, they cover and all of them sing. Their programme spans a braod spectrum of music between foreign rock, pop, dance, electro, funk, hip hop etc., modern and older scenes, with exchanges of voices and with the aim to dance and entertain the audience.

They have been in this form since 2012, playing on the most well known musical scenes of Thessaloniki with great success, while playing together since 2008 with the same name and composition, having, back then, a 5th member as their main vocalist.

Vanilla consists of:
- Kostas Koutras (guitar, vocals)
- Elisa Straxinis (bass, vocals)
- Antonis Vellios (synth, programming, guitar, vocals)
- Thodoris Hitiris (drums, vocals)

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