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July 20
The show describes the life of a small child. A boy who lives with his father and his mother.
He tries to help his shepherd father and wants to prove that he can make it like grown-ups do. However, he is still a child who gets carried away and makes mischiefs that annoy grown-ups.
A child who does not give up his pacifier and finds it hard to part with his mother.

But there comes a time that the young child stands up to the big gray wolf and in an unexpected and funny way defeats it. The wolf turns to lamb (could be the third title of the show) and the young hero earns the trust of his father and not only.

The recognition towards the little boy is also felt by young spectators of the show through the psychological process of identifying with the hero and the final victory-catharsis.

The show is based on sounds, voices and musical instruments. The NISTA puppet theatre was formed in 2007 by Dimitra Zantza and Panagiotis Koulouris. It was named after the initials of Nina and Stathis, their two children. Dimitra and Panagiotis are kindergarten teachers. They have been working in primary education since 2001. They have devoted themselves to puppet theatre for more than 20 years, performing puppet shows and teaching doll construction.

In their performances, they mainly use hand puppets and muppets. Building on children's animism, they believe that giving life to inanimate objects through puppet theatre is an adventure of true creation that affects both children and older people.