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Fitness weekend at Armenistis
From Saturday 06 July 2019
To Monday 08 July 2019

20180706 all out fitness weekend

"North Academy for Fitness", the greatest fitness trainer school in Northern Greece, and the "Life Style Club" gym invite you, for yet another year, to the 7th "ALL OUT FITNESS WEEKEND" which will occur on the first weekened of July at the best place, Armenistis

Sporting with joy and health
Fitness weekened every week at Armenistis

Crosstraining / Saturday 09.00:
A dynamic interval programme adapted for all ages and levels! Get fit in a great mood with this programme of interleaved exercise which pleasantly combines strengthening with aerobics! Body weight training, Kettlebells, TRX, BOSU, Ropes and much more!

Yoga / Saturday 19.00:
Hail to the sun with the sunset. Enjoy the magic of Yoga, that special way of exercising body and soul. A programme of Hatha Yoga with respect to the body and personal approach so that one can make use of their capabilities whether they're a beginner or experienced.

Pilates / Sunday 09.00:
The method of Pilates is the ideal way to give your body motion and health with respect to the particularities, possible injuries and health issues of each individual. It is considered "the intellectual exercise" that exercises the body from the inside out with an emphasis on the torso, the internal and stabilizing muscles and helps us maximize our potential!

Aqua Fitness / Sunday 10.30:
Enjoy the blue waters of Armenistis with the most cooling and joyful programme for stamina and strength! Exercise for everyone, all ages, with the element of water giving 3-dimensional resistance for those who want intensity while also protecting joints and preventing injury!