Campeggio: +30 23750 91487
Ufficio: +30 2310 850 463
Friday 09 August 2019


Unique artist Tamta is traversing one of the most creative and successful phases of her career. In parallel with her vyer successful appearances for a second year in a row at Box Athens with Melisses and the release of her new single titled «Να με πάρεις μακριά» ("Take me away") that constitutes the soundtrack of the movie Bachelor3 and while preparing aggressively to represent Cyprus in this years Eurovision contest, Tamta travels at select stations across Greece.

Tamta along with her band promise us exciting nights with a programme in which the most fresh international and greek hits are succeeded by renditions of the most timeless songs in an inspired journey between today, the 80s, 90s and 00s. Of course the programme is not missing her greatest hits such as: «Φταις», «Δεν τελειώνει έτσι η αγάπη», «Αγάπησε με», «Θάρρος ή αλήθεια», «Σ' όποιον αρέσει», «Egoista», «Tonight», «Ζήσε το απίστευτο», «Πάρε με», «Σ αγαπάω» and «Ήλιους και Θάλασσες» as well as «Αρχές Καλοκαιριού», her greatest hit which conquered the No1 spot in the greek airplay chart.

Tamta, the brightest face of the Greek pop scene with her outstanding voice and her unique appearances invites you to wild live parties where nobody will stay seated!